Twine & Wool Leaf Garland

Garlands and banners are products I enjoy making because of the wide variety of materials I'm able to use, as well as how effective they are in a variety of decorating scenarios.


This new 12' twine and wool leaf garland is an item I first made in the fall of 2019 to use as booth decoration. I received so many compliments and requests to have them availbale to buy, that I decided to add several to my online shop this year. 


First I hand cut the leaves with my trusty Gingher scissors, using up loads of wool  scraps in the process. The leaves are then securely machine stitched to the natural jute twine.


Each garland is 12' long plus and additional 4" loop on both ends. Also, you can cut the twine if you need shorter lengths of leafy goodness or tie two garlands together to reach far and wide.


You will receive a garland that is similar to the photos above. The leaf colors, patterns, and placement will vary slightly. Please allow me to make the selection for you. 

Twine & Wool Leaf Garland

  • Natural Jute Twine

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