Slippers - Women's 9/10

Winter in Iowa always seems to be "just around the corner". Lucky you that I have recycled wool slippers to keep you warm during those chilly nights cozied up at home. (I've been known to even wear them to bed - they are that comfy!)


These black with red & tan stripes knit slippers are size women's 9/10. They are meant to fit snuggish  - like an extra pair of comfy socks. If you are in between sizes (or on the edge) I'd suggest sizing down as these have lots of stretch to make them comfy. Also, as added protection, they have repurposed suede leather stitched to the soles so you don't slip and slide.


These slippers are unlined - you can let your socks be the lining. The exposed seams offer a comfortable, lumpy-free fit on the inside. Thanks to the felting process, the slipper edges will not fray. Please do not wear these slippers out of doors - they are built for indoor use only.




The pattern for these slippers was designed by Betz White. 


Slippers - Women's 9/10

  • Repurposed wool sweater

    Suede leather