Pumpkin Ornament - Orange

Pumpkins aren't just for autumn anymore! These itty bitty* pumpkins are big on cuteness! Hang them from your Christmas tree this season to add some extra whimsy to your holiday decor. Thread a jingle bell on the string and hang from your cabinet doors for a jingle of joy. Or - you could even send them as a gift to loved ones you aren't able to gather with this year. 


Each pumpkin is hand cut, stitched, and embellished by me - late at night while I binge on Netflix. 


*These little pumpkins are 2" wide and 2.25" tall. There is a fine linen string stitched through the stem for hanging. If you'd rather display in another way, simple cut the string and pull it out. 



Pumpkin Ornament - Orange

  • Repurposed wool sweaters,


    Plastic stuffing pellets