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Meet Nessie, the creature who makes dreams come true. Nessie is a brand new design I've created especially to help my daughter participate in a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Europe playing her trombone with the Iowa Ambassadors of Music in upcoming July 2020.


Unlike my other plushies, Nessie is a Limited Edition - only 100 will be made - and when they're gone, they will revert to their elusive, legendary selves. This one is made from a charcoal gray felted wool sweater for the body, black and tan plaid vintage wool tummy, and light gray wool flippers. It's so much fun mixing and matching the colors and patterns! 


Nessie is well made and durable, but due to small plastic parts is not intended for small children. Please keep this in mind when considering making a gift purchase. They are, however, perfect for the inner child in all of us grown up peeps. 


  • Approximately 18" from tail to nose & 11" from flippers to top of head