Mittens - Adult Average

Winter in Iowa always seems to be "just around the corner". Lucky you that I have recycled wool mittens to keep you warm during those chilly football games, early morning dog walks, and out on the playground for recess duty (yep, teachers, I've been there).


These purple/gray/oatmeal mittens are size Adult Average. They measure 10" from tip of fingers to 2.5" past your wrist and 4.5" wide. The length from the crook of your thumb to the fingertips is 4.5".


The exposed seams offer a comfortable, lumpy-free fit on the inside. Thanks to the felting process, the mitten edges will not fray.


These mittens will keep you warm while still being flexible enough to drive a car, carry a to-go coffee, hold your dog leash, and operate a snow blower (as well as loads of other winter activites). Wool is naturally water repellent, so even though the snow may stick to them on the outside, the inside stays warm and dry. 


I offer mittens in three adult sizes - small, average, and large. I don't offer children's sizes.


Mittens - Adult Average

  • Repurposed wool sweater

    Fleece lining