Large Pumpkin - Vintage Quilt

Autumn is the perfect season to add cozy decorations to your home. This big, plump, vintage quilt pumpkin is sure to conjure up warm thoughts when the air begins to turn chilly and the leaves start to fall. 


Large Pumpkin - Vintage hand stitched quilt, cream boiled wool leaf, light willow stem, and ecru vines. 


This one-of-a-kind pumpkin is made from a vintage quilt & wool sweaters, is stuffed with scraps of wool, and has fabric-covered wire vines and a leaf that features two different sides so you can choose which you like best. The large pumpkins are about the size of a soccer ball that's been a little squashed. The wool stem is securely glued in place, but you should still handle it with care (just like a real pumpkin). 

Large Pumpkin - Vintage Quilt

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  • Vintage cotton quilt,

    repurposed wool sweaters