Lamb's Wool Arm Warmers

Winter in Iowa always seems to be "just around the corner". Lucky you that I have cozy arm warmers made from of recycled 100% lamb's wool to keep your hands and wrists warm during those chilly days. I even wear these inside during the warmer months when the A/C is too cold for my taste. 


These sky blue, 100% lamb's wool arm warmers provide a small to average adult fit. Lamb's wool is sturdy and soft - not scratchy! This pair is embellished with hand painted glass buttons featuring a foxes on each that is securely stitched in place. The thumb hole is simply cut and is surprisingly sturdy with careful wear (don't tug excessively when putting them on). 


When flat, this pair of roomy arm warmers measures 3.5" wide at the hand end, 4." wide at the elbow end, and 11.5" long. I like to wear them slouched down to add even more warmth for my wrists. It turns out Grandma was right when she told me that keeping my wrists warm would help keep all of me warm. Thanks, Grandma!


Lamb's Wool Arm Warmers

  • Repurposed lamb's wool

    vintage embellishments