Ice Cream Treat Earrings

My 15-year-old daughter Lucy has an amazing talent for making tiny, intricate and amazing art from clay.  The charms she has made have gotten so many compliments and have been very popular at shows.  When I think she has outdone herself she comes up with something even more WOW!  Some of her pieces have been made as necklaces as well as earrings


Lucy worked very hard to have a large assortment of charms available and then all the shows were cancelled.  So I have quite a large inventory for you to select from for fun gifts or for your own collection of cheerful jewelry.  I hope you will enjoy seeing all of her amazing pieces (and let's face it - I hope you find something you just can't say no to!).


Due to the handmade nature, each charm is unique.  The pieces are sturdy but not indestructable.  Also, they are probably best for ages 3 and over.


Ice Cream Treat Earrings

  • Ice cream treat charms are approximately 1" tall (add a 1/4" for the Dilly Bar stick)

    Steel alloy earring wires

    Made by hand using Sculpey clay